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Electric railway project
Electric railway project

China XD Group provided Wu-guang special railway passenger transport line, Zheng-Xi special railway passenger transport line, project in Lan-Wu secondary line., Ha-Shan line project, Qinghai-Tibet railway project, He-Ning special railway transport line, Da-qin railway project and Qin-Shen special railway passenger transport line etc many domestic important electric railway projects with signal cable and power cable which quality was up to the advanced level in the world.

1. Qinghai-Tibet railway project

Qinghai-Tibet railway was the plateau railway with highest altitude and longest line in the world, it had too many the tops of the world: Fenghuoshan tunnel – the highest plateau permafrost tunnel in the world; Tangula station – the station with the highest altitude in the world; Yangbajing No. 1 tunnel – the longest plateau railway tunnel in the world; railway with the longest strong ultraviolet radiation time……It was a great engineering in the history which can compare favorably with the Greatwall. Golmud-Lhasa section of Qinghai-Tibet railway was total 1142km, its bad natural environment and operation requirement for high performance put forward higher requirements on system equipments and transmission lines. In order to meet the requirements of bad natural environment of Qinghai-Tibet railway and ensure the normal operation of equipments, consigned by Ministry of Railways, Xi’an Optical Power Cable of XD Group developed and produced special switch machine cable and various signal cable suitable to plateau cold, anti-extrusion by ice, anti-radiation by strong ultraviolet, anti-bite by various rodents, anti-disturbance by strong electromagnetic field, corrosion-proof, termite-proof which was ordered nearly 1900km and over 60 million Yuan.

 2. Wu-Guang and Zheng-Xi special railway passenger transport line projects

  Wu-Guang passenger special railway transport line was an important section in Jing-Gang high-speed railway through Hubei, Hunan and Guangdong three provinces, 1068km; Zheng-Xi passenger special railway transport line was the first commenced section of Xu-Lan passenger special railway transport line (Xuzhou-Zhengzhou-Xi’an-Baoji-Lanzhou) among 10 passenger special railways in Mid-long term railway plan of our country, total 485km. The above two passenger railways were the real high-speed railway with the fastest operation speed at present in our country and average speed can be up to 340km/h. During participating in the project, XD Optical Power Cable was completely as per the special passenger railway standard of Ministry of Railway, provided two projects with over 5000km of signal cable, over 1400km of eco-type through ground wire and over 300km of power cable, total over 200 million Yuan.




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