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National “West-to-east power transmission” etc key power grid projects

National “West-to- east power transmission” etc key power grid projects
On the base of domestic research and development of whole set of transmission and transformation equipments and EHVDC transmission equipments in three gorges HVDC project, XD Group successively undertook and researched a series of HVDC transmission equipments for “Guizhou-Guangdong HVDC transmission project”, “Northwest-Central China internet DC back-on-back project”, “Baode HVDC internet project”, “Northwest-Central China internet HVDC back-on-back project” etc national key HVDC project which have been widely used in the projects.
1) Guizhou-Guangdong HVDC transmission project (1st loop)
Guizhou-Guangdong HVDC transmission project is the transmission channel with largest capacity for “West-to-east power transmission”. The transmission distance of Gui-Guang line was about 936km, its fund source was of domestic loan, it was planned to commence on constructing in the end of 2001, put into operation by single-pole in the end of 2004 and by dual-pole in June, 2005. Guizhou-Guangzhou ±500 kV DC, Guizhou-guangzhou two loops 500V AC and three gorges-Guangdong ±500 kV DC projects were commenced at the same time and the situation of eight “dragons” of West-to-east power transmission into Yue had been primarily set up.
XD Group provided the Guizhou-Guangdong (Gui-Guang 1st stage) ±500kV DC transmission project (±500kV,3000A,3000MW) with 8 sets of converter transformer, 2 sets of smoothing reactor and whole set of thyristor components.

Thyristor components in Gui-Guang project had been in routine test

2) Guizhou-Guangdong HVDC transmission project (2nd loop)
The second Guizhou-Guangdong HVDC transmission project was not only the key project of national “Eleventh-five” plan but also the first domestic demonstration project of EHVDC transmission equipments in our country. After this project was finished, it would mainly undertook the transmission of Guizhou Xingyi Power Plant, Guangming Hydro-power Station and Pannan Power Plant etc and connected with Tianshengqiao Second Hydro-power Plant, Anshun 500kV substation and other 500kV systems in Guizhou power grid.
XD Group manufactured 50% (1-pole) LTT thyristor valves for Guizhou-Guangdong ±500kV DC transmission project (±500kV,3000A,3000MW,Gui-Guang 2 for short).

Light triggered thyristor (LTT) valve in Guizhou-Guangdong II loop DC transmission project

3). Baode DC internet project
Baoji-deyang ±500kV DC transmission project was the first long distance transmission project wholly owned by our country and also the first built 750kV AC substation together with ±500 kV DC converter station in one same address in the world, through Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi three provinces, across Qingling Mountain, 3 million kW engineering capacity, 574km transmission distance, ±500kV DC voltage, DC transmission line wire section LGJ-4×720 mm2 and was put into operation in Dec., 2009. One end was Baoji converter station, Baoji City, Shaanxi and the other end was Deyang converter station, Deyang city, Sichuan.
XD Group provided the project with 14 sets of converter transformer (Baoji station), 6 sets of smoothing reactor (all the smoothing reactor on Deyang station and Baoji station), all thyristor valves and DC field equipments on Deyang station and Baoji station.

Earthing switch of JW-550 type side wall type valve lobby mounted on the site of Deyang converter station in Debao project

DAM10.45-36W type DC filtering capacitor device for DC field in Debao HVDC transmission projects

DAM18.645-2.8W type DC filtering capacitor for DC field in Debao HVDC transmission project

DAM17.7-16W type DC neutral bus impact capacitor device for DC field in Debao HVDC transmission project

4) Northwest-central China internet HVDC back-on-back project
The project was the validation project with the first introduced technology to realize domestically producing and connecting the track with the international HVDC transmission technology. The project had 120kV rated DC voltage, 3000A rated DC current and 360MW transmission capacity.
Xi’an XD Power Rectifier Company of XD Group undertook the research, development and supply of key equipments in the project – HV thyristor valve and its related equipments. It separately provided 3 sets of direct light triggered thyristor (hereinafter LTT for short) valve on 220kV side in central China and 3 sets of electric triggered thyristor (hereinafter ETT for short) valve on 330kV side in northwest; Xi’an XD Transformer Company undertook the research, development and supply of important equipments in this project – smoothing reactor and converter transformer on 330kV side in the northwest.

Thyristor valve with two technologies (electric triggered and light triggered) in Northwest-central China internet Lingbao Back-on-back project

Converter transformer in Northwest-central China internet Lingbao back-on-back project

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