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The first UHVAC transmission and distribution demonstration project in China

1000kV UHVAC transmission project (Jindongnan-Nanyang-Jingmen 1000kV UHVAC test demonstration project)
1000kV Jindongnan-Nanyang-Jingmen UHVAC test demonstration project starts from Jin Southeast (Changzhi) Substation in Shanxi, through Nanyang Substation in Henan to Jingmen Substation in Hubei. It was erected by single-loop along the whole line, total 654 km, across Yellow River and Hanjiang. The capacity of transformation was 6000,000 KVA. The nominal voltage of system was 1000kV and the maximum operation voltage was 1100kV. This line was constructed from Aug., 2006 and through 28 months. It was fully completed in Dec., 2008, finished the system debug and put into trial operation on 30th, Dec, finished 168h trial operation and put into commercial operation at 22:00 on 6th, Jan., 2009 and it is in good operation condition at present.
China XD Group developed and produced 11 sets of 1100kV reactors, 2 bays of 1100kV HGIS, 6 sets of 1000kV CVT, 6 sets of 1000kV porcelain-clad metal oxide arrester, 38 pieces of 1000kV outdoor solid core post insulators, 4 sets of 1000kv earthing switches and special circuit breaker etc key UHVAC equipments for this project and it is the enterprise to manufacture the UHV equipments with the most types.

1100kV HGIS safely operates on site

1000kV JW□-1100 Outdoor HV AC disconnector for this project

1000kV capacitive voltage transformer safely operates on site

1000kV porcelain-clad metal oxide arrester safely operates on site

Left: 1000kV reactor mounted and debugged on site

1100kV/16kN outdoor solid core post porcelain insulator operates on site

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