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Industrial position of XD Group

Since its very foundation till now for decades of years, XD Group has undertaken transmission and transformation product trial manufacturing and production projects for important electric engineering (e.g. multiple major power station, power plants, etc.) as well as provided power transmission and transformation equipment and electric products for other engineering and projects. It ranges from 1st 330kV, 550kV, 750kV and 1,000kV extra (ultra) high voltage A.C transmission line to 1st Zhou-Shan D.C. transmission engineering and dozens of national important projects, such as "Three Gorges", "Power Transmission from West to East", etc. Made by XD appears everywhere.

Having developed into a scientific, research, developing and production base of transmission and transformation equipments in China, XD Group is the most powerful group enterprise for 12kV~1,100kV A.C transmission and distribution equipments and ±50kV~±800kV high voltage D.C transmissions converter station with the highest level, most categories and complete engineering competency in the industry. Representing the competency and level of domestic transmission and distribution equipment, it has become the largest manufacturer in the industry.

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