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Tianshengqiao—Guangzhou DC Transmission Project

China XD Group cooperative manufactured and assembled 12 thyristor components of a quadruple valve together with Siemens Corporation in Tianshengqiao—Guangzhou DC Transmission Project(±500kv,1800a,1800mw); and used design and manufacture technology of thyristor valve, converter transformer and smoothing reactor, and system simulation technology, research of DC transmission system and system engineering technology; has trained a lot technicians for China XD Group, and laid the foundation for joining The Three Gorges DC Transmission Projects.
Xi'an XD Power Rectifier Co., Ltd.(the former Xi'an Power Rectifier Factory, short for XPR)has designed and manufactured localized thyristor valve by using the borrowed technology for Shanghai—Shengsi DC Transmission Project; Xi'an XD Transformer Co., Ltd.(the former Xi'an Transformer Factory, short for XD Transformer Co., Ltd.)has designed and manufactured converter transformer for Shanghai—Shengsi DC Transmission Project, and its technological level is on a higher stage compared with Zhoushan Project. XPR disassembled and serviced 38 components(there were 144 component in the project totally)made by Siemens in 2000.
Xi'an XD Power Capacitor Co., Ltd. has supplied one million kilovar shunt capacitors for the project.

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