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Luchao Port — Shengsi DC Transmission Project

  Luchao Port — Shengsi Submarine Cable DC Transmission Project is the auxiliary project ?50kv, 600a, 60mw, 60km of Phase III Project of Bao Steel Shanghai. Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd.(the former Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute, short for XIHARI)has made system research and system design for it; China XD Group was responsible for supply of all DC equipments for converter station:
Thyristor valve
Converter transformer
Smoothing reactor
Alternating current filter
Control and protection facilities(manufactured by Xuji Group Corporation)
DC voltage divider
DC current transformer
DC zinc oxide arrester
DC isolating switch, earthing switch, change - over switch of metallic return circuit, low-voltage and high-speed switch, etc.
The complete set of DC equipment of converter station has been operating well, and it was accepted on Dec., 29, 2002 in Shanghai. Many design and manufacture technologies of the project adopted the imported technologies of Three Gorges-Changzhou DC Transmission Project, which make the technological and manufacture level of the project improved a lot compared with Zhoushan DC Transmission Project because the stage of design and manufacture of the equipments of the project was the stage of technology importing and personnel training of Three Gorges-Changzhou DC Transmission Project.

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