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Enterprise Logo and Explanation of Its Meaning

Enterprise Logo


Explanation of Its Meaning

Logo "XD" is the extension of enterprise core concept, which is consisted of character and graph. Logo model is replete and fluent, filled with changes in steadiness, passion in simpleness, having distinct sense of times and industrial features.

Two interacted Pinyin letters "X" and "D" are not only the acronym of Chinese Pinyin "xidian", but also the image metaphor of switches and transformers, main products of the enterprise. Two letters are integrated with lightning graph, which vividly transform XD's concentration on power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing in order to realize the revival of the equipment manufacturing industry into visual image, implying XD's enterprise mission of "manufacturing quality products, reliable power and serving for society":

Entirety of logo is symmetrical, tight and orderly, symbolizing powerful cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise as well as broad and profound mind of pursuing harmonious and win-win result and development concept of sustainable development;

The lightning properly leaning upward makes the logo simple and changeable, with sense of velocity, strongly delivering enterprise's constant break through, more innovative and open international development trend and spiritual outlook of entrepreneurship and commitment to excellence;

The logo adopts bright red color with unique Chinese characteristic, expressing the national belief and high sense of responsibility of dedication to undertaking and country of XD as a super state-owned enterprise directly under central management; also, red represents vigor, vitality and eternity, implying the limitless glory and brilliance of XD;

Both in the aspects of composition and color, the whole logo has very strong visual impact, embodying reliable enterprise value.


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