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Core Value of XD

People-oriented, Scientific Development and Pursue for Excellence



It is the fundamental way we treat staff, that is, respect staff, take care of staff, concern staff and depend on staff. People are our first resource, "people-oriented" is to respect individual difference, build a development platform in a scientific and humanity way for staff to accomplish undertaking, provide staff with the best career planning to satisfy different growth demand, help staff improve work quality, life quality and social quality and achieve individual value; "people-oriented" is to focus on results and process, give priority to fairness and efficiency, fully mobilize initiative and creativity of staff through establishing competition, stimulation and eliminating systems with the same goals, and form positive, striving, excellence-pursuing and good atmosphere in the whole company to enhance our cohesion and sense of belonging, thus realizing the mutual development of staff and XD.

  Scientific Development

It is our cognition and evaluation standard for development. "Scientific development" takes making our enterprise strong, big and lasting for a long time as objective to achieve the coordinated and comprehensive development of quality, benefit and speed; "scientific development" requires us to definitely realize leading technology, standard management, outstanding main business, obvious profits, constant optimization of asset quality and profitability, continuous improvement of staff quality and great amelioration of life quality.

  Pursue for Excellence

It is the internal drive for us to stay prosperous and our endless gumption. "Pursue for excellence" has always been a process and a kind of state accompanying us to win great achievements. It is such constant transcendence enables us to lead in technology, products, management, service, brand, enterprise performance, social contribution and other aspects and become No. 1. Meanwhile, the rule of market competition is survival of the fittest or selecting the superior and eliminating the inferior. Only "pursue for excellence", can we challenge the limits, continuously lead; only working with perseverance, can we leave far away from survival crisis and accomplishing permanent sustainable operation.

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