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Human Resource Meeting of XD Group & XD Electric on March 10th, 2010

On March 10th, 201o, human resource meeting of XD Group & XD Electric was held in Report Hall, 1st floor of Group Headquarters. In total, over 90 personnel participated the meeting, including general managers who are in charge of human resource in his unit, persons responsible for Human Resource Department and directors of Retiree Management Department. Under the host of Cui Hong, Minister of Human Resource Department, Secretary of Party Committee of XD Group and Chen Yuankui, General Manager of XD Electric gave important direction and command in the meeting. 

Minister Cui Hong gave a report with the title of "Optimize Excitation Mechanism and Speed Up Talent Team Construction to Provide Talent Guarantee of Continuous Development for XD Group". In which report, he summarized the effort been done for human resource in 2009. Further, he arranged and allotted the important task of 2010. in 2009, the human resource task of XD Group and XD Electric focused on the general object and work important items determined during annual conference. Under the guide of scientific development and focus of talent team construction as major line, both were active to take part in human resource scope extension, know the human resource dynamic situations, absorb new human resource management thoughts and concepts and make creations in respect of human resource system construction, talent team construction, training and development as well as establishment and improvement of excitation mechanism to function as impetus in improving group core competitiveness and continuous development. Targeting at the task in 2010, XD Group determined to make efforts of introduce and cultivate all kinds of talents which are adapt to the requirements of group strategic development under the basis of formulation and implementation by "12th five" human resource planning and the nucleus of talent team construction. Further, it is required to construct the personnel achievement evaluation system which is adapt to the development requirements of XD Group and XD Electric, standardize the income allotment of all kinds of personnel further, excite the activeness and creations of all the personnel and provide integral working thought of powerful human resource guarantee to realize group strategic objective.

During the speech, Secretary of Party Committee of XD Group and Chen Yuankui, General Manager of XD Electric pointed out that the human resource task in 2009 is rich and effective which shows its initial effect on increase on talent excitation level, increase of top level talent quantity, improvement of integral personnel comprehensive quality, smooth construction and development of top talent instruction and regulation construction as well as fundamental construction. At the same time, he also pointed out that there are also problems to be solved and improved against group fast development trend, including talent team shortage, lower production rate than competitors, original evaluation and excitation measures and human resource deployment, etc. In respect of human resource expectancy and requirements in 2010, General Manager Chen proposed specific requirements on 8 major tasks, including formulation of human resource planning, fixed number to fixed structure, specialist team construction, standardization of labor, mid-level and higher post evaluation in company and open recruitment. By integral efforts by the group and each subsidiary company, he wishes to make greater contribution to faster and better group development.
In addition, the excellent teams for human resource management and retire management in 2009 was awarded. At the same time, the human resource departments of 3 enterprises communicated and delivered their speeches in the meeting, such as XD Electric.

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