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1000kV Post Produced by China XD Electric Succeeds in the First Lifting

For the national key project, Jindongnan-Nanyang-Jingmen UHV Expansion Project with the highest voltage class put in operation in the world, the ceremony for its first lifting of series compensation platform was held at construction site, Fangcheng County, Nanyang on the morning of June 16.
The 1000kV solid core post insulator for series compensation platform, which is provided by XD Porcelain subordinate to China XD Electric, is the solid core post product with the highest voltage class and strength so far in China. Its comprehensive technical characteristic is in the leading position in China and advanced internationally. After nearly 3 hours of engaged lifting, series compensation platform was steadily placed on the 14-pillar megavolt pillar provided by XD Porcelain, meaning Chinese first series compensation platform completely made by domestic products was successfully hoisted in one time, with various technical indicators and parameters in conformity with the requirements, the site was immersed in the sound of clapping. XD Porcelain adopted the quality commitment and responsibility of "being the leader of the industry and creating first-class enterprise in the world" of the people of XD Porcelain with stringent quality insurance system and excellent service.

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