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State Grid Corporation of China Observes the Grand Opening of Delivery Ceremony for First Batch of Converter Transformers for from Qinghai to Tibet Project in China XD Electric

At 9:00, the morning of June 17, beside factory of railway special line of XD Transformer subordinate to China XD Electric, there were colored flags fluttering, balloons highly hanging, flower decorations clustering, gongs and drums deafening and firecrackers volleying. State Grid Corporation of China observed the grand opening of delivery ceremony for the first batch of two sets converter transformers ±400kV DC interconnection Project from Qinghai to Tibet here.
Pei Zhenjiang, Standing Party Committee member of XD Group and Vice General Manager of China XD says in his address: ±400kV AC/DC interconnection Project from Qinghai to Tibet is the key project of State Grid Corporation of China in order to implement the scientific outlook on development, practise western development strategy, optimize resource energy allocation and serve the development of territorial economic society. Today, we together witness the first batch of converter transformers in Qinghai-Tibet project to be delivered in advance, which is the affirmation of arduous efforts and hard working of all staff in China XD Electric and XD Transformer, and even the encouragement for the future work. As the supplier that supplies main equipment for this important people's livelihood project, we feel both supreme glory and great responsibility on the shoulder as well. It has been proved by the practice that, as long as we unite in a concerted effort, we will be certainly to complete the struggle goal of earlier operation from Qinghai to Tibet interconnection Project.
Sun Yang, director of Storage and Distribution Department of State Grid Logistics Service Center, attended the delivery ceremony. In the speech, Xu Zhichao, Vice General Manager of CRSCS, Li Shiliang, vice director of State Grid Logistics Service Center, fully affirmed the periodical achievements obtained by XD Transformer DC interconnection Project from Qinghai to Tibet and expressed the confidence and resolution for final success of interconnection project.
Report Station in Shaanxi of the Xinhua News Agency, Shaanxi TV Station, Yingda Media Investment Group Co., Ltd, State Grid Newspaper, Xi'an TV Station, Chinese Business Newspaper and other mainstream media interviewed Mi Chuanlong, vice chief engineer of China XD Group and Vice General Manager of XD Transformer, Li Shiliang, vice director of State Grid Logistics Service Center.
Guan Xuhong, President and General Manager of XD Transformer hosted the ceremony and gave the gracious speech of welcome. Shen Yuzhang, minister of Ministry of Marketing of China XD Group, Feng Zhu, minister of Ministry of Production Quality, the leaders of XD Transformer Zhang Qimin, Qi Xichuan, Tang Yongping, Bai Weidong, Mao Xiaopeng and Li Guoqiang as well as the representatives of main departments and workshops of XD Transformer, attended the delivery ceremony.

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