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China XD Successfully Researches and Develops First 750kV AC Step Controlled Parallel Reactor in the World

At present, 750kV 100Mvar AC step controlled parallel reactor with the highest voltage class and largest capacity passed all one trial in XD Transformer subordinate to China XD Electric on June 15, various indicators can meet and exceed the requirements of national standard and technical agreement, and technical characteristics can reach international leading level.
With the construction and development of EHV and UHV power grid, for the relatively long power transmission lines, the lines should be equipped with high voltage parallel reactor in order to restrain power frequency and switching overvoltage, but the unadjustable volume of ordinary parallel reactor cannot meet the demand of EHV and UHV power transmission. In order to improve transmission volume and efficiency of line, the controllable reactor is allocated to realize the dynamic reactive compensation of power transmission line, so the reactor volume can be changed according to the system demand, thus greatly improving delivery capacity and efficiency of network and increasing rationality and economy of network.
In order to climb the peak of world technology and win market advantages, XD Transformer depends on successful manufacture experience of 500kV step controlled parallel reactor to conduct scientific research and tackling of the key research project and independent innovation for key technology, develop lots of calculation programs for quantification calculation of reactor products, analyze and optimize the design, thus successfully researching and developing the first 750kV 100Mvar AC step controlled parallel reactor in the world with reasonable structure, low loss, small noise, little vibration, little local discharge capacity, safe and reliable insulation, and free of local overheating.

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