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The Second 1000kV 1000MVA Transformer Researched and Developed by China XD Passed All Tests in One Time

On June 28, the second 1000kV 1000MVA UHV auto-transformer with two-legged structure and single pillar capacity 500MVA designed, researched and developed by XD Transformer subordinate to China XD Electric passed all routine tests and type tests in one time at Changzhou Production Base of Xi'an Transformer. The expert team of State Grid Corporation of China high praised that this product does not have local discharging, and all its performance indicators are better than the requirements specified in the technical agreement, which is the best product among quality goods. This product is established by XD Transformer for scientific research and design, manufactured in XD Changzhou Transformer, which represents the top level of design and manufacturing of current international UHV transformers, providing guarantee for the construction of Demonstrative Project of Jindongnan - Nanyang - Jingmen 1000kV UHV AC Test and Nanyang Transformer Substation Expansion Project.

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