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Primer Wen Jiabao Inspected China XD Group

    Tender Concern and Great Inspiration
  Primer Wen Jiabao Inspected China XD Group

In the afternoon of June 6, Wen Jiabao, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and premier of the State Council, inspected China XD Group with his delegation. In the production field of one assembly workshop of China XD Group, primer Wen inquired Zhang Yalin, the general manager of China XD Group and Chen Kuiyuan, the secretary of the Party committee of China XD Group for the detailed production and operation status of China XD Group during the inspection. Wherever he stopped, the primer walked to the product and inquired for the detailed structure, main characters and application of products. When saw the first 800KV high voltage sulphur hexafluoride tank type circuit breaker in the world with self-owned intellectual property manufactured by China XD Group, primer Wen said with happiness: “the top class of high voltage switch in the world was created by yourself, I should congratulate to you!” Primer Wen also inspected the assembly of the core unit of high voltage switch, when knowing that it took only two years for China XD Group to develope and manufacture these core parts of high voltage switch, he was glad and said: “The equipment and power work of China is still in the development, your task is still heavy. Under the current impact of international economical crisis, we should participate in the international competition standing on our own strength, quality and efficiency.” Primer Wen walked to Zhang Jian, the worker who was working at site and kindly inquired his living and working status. The general manager Zhang Yalin introduced to primer Wen that Zhang Jian was the excellent key staff of the Group. Primer Wen said with concern after listening: “This kind of key staff shall be kept within the enterprise, it will affect and drive more staff to be the professional.”

Primer Wen presented important speech to the staff working at site after inspection, he hoped China XD Group and the whole staff shall actively respond to the economical crisis, undertake more tasks of state power construction and play more important role, hold the perfect chance of Development of the West Regions, and congratulate 50 years glory of China XD Group with nice and rapid development by your action. After the speech completed, primer Wen walked into the staff and shook hands with them and had a group photo. The inspection and speech of primer Wen greatly inspired China XD Group and especially the staff working at site.

On June 8, China XD Group called an emergency meeting with the attendance of held section chiefs of headquarter and principal persons of departments and units, and reported the key guidelines of speech during the inspection for China XD Group by primer Wen.

Zhang Yalin, the general manager of China XD Group reported the inspection for China XD Group by primer Wen, he pointed out: the evaluation for independent creation of China XD Group during his inspection, the hope and requirements for the development of China XD Group urges and inspires staff of China XD Group greatly. General manager Zhang Yalin intensified that, we should regard the inspection by primer Wen as our inspiration and power to develop China XD Group rapidly and greatly, together with the activity of deep study and practice scientific thought of development, push China XD Group developing forward rapidly, and reach more great achievements.

Chen Yuankui, the secretary of the Party committee, summarized the evaluation and hope for China XD Group of primer Wen with the words “turn the beam, have a great responsibility, and a long way to go.” He requested the leaders at all levels and staff of China XD Group study and catch the speech spirit presented by primer Wen, always remember the great trust by primer Wen, regard the development of China XD Group as our responsibility and business, as the value of life and hopes to attain. We should compare with the hope and requirements of primer Wen, check and rectify the problems which affect the development of China XD Group in the activity of study and practice scientific thought of development, hold the spirit of this activity, soundly strengthen the core competition of our Group, reach all the work level of the Group and fulfill successfully all the business targets of the Group this year.
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