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China XD Group develops activities of sunstroke prevention

In order to guarantee physical condition of the staff in the front line and safety in production and sunstroke prevention, Zhang Mingcai, the vice general manager of China XD Group, and Bai Wuqin, the secretary of Committee for Disciplinary Inspection and chairman of Labor Union, visited the staff and economic policemen in the front line on July 2, accompanied by Feng Zhu, the director of Department of Production and Quality of the group, and Sun Qing, the vice director of Department of Mass Work.
The leaders of the group are concerned about the physical condition of the workers and safety in production because the high temperature maintains a long time; they deployed specific work for sunstroke prevention: a large quantity of goods for sunstroke prevention were purchased, such as towels, minerals and soft drinks, etc.; they visited more than 10 high-temperature workshops of the production enterprise and economic policeman teams to dispatch the goods to the staff who were working in the front line in high-temperature. Bottles of soft drinks and the words “You are working hard”, are like clear spring water running through the hearts of the workers in hot summer; they showed the leaders’ concern and care about the staff.
The leaders of the group have inquired the safety in production, labor protection, and sunstroke prevention in detail wherever they went, and asked the units to make measures for further sunstroke prevention.

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