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Youth League Committee of China XD Group Conducted Youth Volunteer Service Month Activity

March 5 of this year is the 10th “Chinese Young Volunteers Service Day”. In order to carry forward the volunteerism of “devotion, love, help and making progress”, combining enterprise culture construction in the Group, Youth League Committee of China XD Group conducted youth volunteer service month activity among all the members of Youth League Committee. Grass-root Youth League organization was required to combine the deep conducting the theme of education activity “Learning from Xiong Ning”, factory and community volunteer service activity, protecting mother river activity, forest planting activity and other series of activities, to make contribution to promote harmonious development of enterprise and the society.
On March 5, Youth League Committee of China XD Group organized and mobilized members of Youth League to learn from Leifeng based on enterprises and post, do the equipments maintenance well, and establish youth production shock brigade, at the same time, conduct beautifying the environment activity in the factory and community, establish service points for the convenience of the customers, to help the old people, disabled persons and persons in difficulty, and other various activities, carry forward spirit of Lei Feng, and promote new healthy trends.
The youth volunteers of China XD Group maintained the equipments actively, cleaned parts of products by voluntary, cleaned corner or spot as yet untouched by a clean-up campaign, cleared the illegal ads outdoors, took white garbage, and created beautiful production environment. They penetrated into “Shaanxi province return to study children village”, kindergartens and homes for the aged to send greeting of respecting the aged and loving the young, and they went to the home of elderly person of no family to carry out “many-to-one” helping. They provided legal advice, infant counseling, social security advice, appliance repairs, computer repairs and other services in the residential area. Youth renovation achievements of China XD Group was also publicized in the community panel during the activities conducting, and was praised by the pedestrian.
Learn-from-Lei Feng activities on March 5 raised the curtain of “Youth Volunteers Service Month” activity organized by Youth League Committee of China XD Group. In the follow-up activities, the members of the Youth League Committee of China XD Group carried forward the Lei Feng spirit of helping others, loving the collectives, doing hard work and living simply, and having the courage to sacrifice; and play the youth shock brigade role actively to spurt together with our country and develop together with the enterprise.

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