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XD Group Donates RMB 500,000 Yuan to Gansu Disaster Areas

On August 11, 5 areas and counties in Tianshui City, Gansu Province suddenly suffered from attack of torrential rain, which caused flooding, unscrupulous flood destroyed houses and caused casualties and crop failure, infrastructure of farmland were greatly damaged. After getting this information, broad staff of XD Group immediately develop donation activity. On the early morning of August 23, Zhang Yalin, General Manager of XD Group, Bai Wuqin, Chief Disciplinary Officer and Chairman of Labour Union and other personnel went notwithstanding the rain to Tianshui City, and represented all cadres and staff of the enterprise to donate RMB 500,000 yuan to Tianshui General Committee on Charity in order to help the masses in disaster areas pass through difficulties.

In the donation ceremony held by Tianshui Municipal Party Committee and Tianshui Municipal Government, Zhang Yalin said that as one of strategic partners of Tianshui City, it was obligatory for XD Group to assist and help disaster masses by sharing their worries and burdens and help them to get over a difficulty. XD Group would carefully fulfill social responsibility of "When disaster struck, help came from all sides.", always pay close attention to and support economic and social development of Tianshui City.
In the past, facing the exceptionally big flooding disaster in southern Shaanxi that will not occur even in a hundred years, XD Group positively undertook responsibility of central enterprises and donated RMB 5 million Yuan to Shaanxi Ankang, Shangluo and other disaster-affected areas.

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