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XD Group Donates RMB 5 Million Yuan to Shaanxi Flood Disaster Areas

Since the middle ten days of July 2010, large scope and long duration rainfall that will occur once in a blue moon and rare in the history has continuously happened in Southern Shaanxi areas of Shaanxi Province, where China XD Group Company is located. The rainfall caused especially big flooding disaster and material life and assets losses to the masses. In order to actively fulfill social responsibilities of an central enterprise, completely exert traditional virtue of "When disaster struck, help came from all sides." and help the people in disaster areas pull through difficulties and reconstruct families, China XD Group Company donated RMB 5 million Yuan to Southern Shaanxi areas of Shaanxi Province. At present, this donation has been remitted to disaster areas through special account of disaster relief established by Department of Civil Affairs of Shaanxi Province, which will be mainly used for reconstruction of houses of disaster victims, hospitals, schools and other facilities.

Over the years, China XD Group Company has striven for making enterprise''s production and operation well, and positively fulfilled political and social responsibilities in addition to economic responsibility of central enterprises. In April this year, The company organized staff to donate over RMB 380,000 Yuan to Chinese southwest areas suffered especially big drought disaster. After Qinghai Yushu earthquake happened, China XD Group Company bearing social responsibility as own mission immediately sent a letter of condolence and a commitment letter of helping disaster areas combat the quake and do earthquake relief work to Qinghai Electric Power Company, expressing it would organize manpower and materials to the site as soon as possible to assist urgent repair on power facilities, and donated RMB 500,000 Yuan to Yushu earthquake disaster area. Meanwhile, the company also organized staff of XD Group to donate over RMB 120,000 Yuan and more than 40,000 clothes to disaster areas. At present, XD Group''s donation work to Gansu Zhouqu disaster area is under way.

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