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China XD Group Company has realized zero-accident safety production

In recent years, China XD Group Company has always taken implementation of relevant stipulations of Interim Procedures for Monitoring and Management of Safety Production of Central Enterprises promulgated by State Property Management Commission of the State Council as the primary task of safety production and apply in each aspect of safety production work, adhered to safety production management "two responsibilities for one position",  strictly carried out safety production responsibilities of enterprise departments at all levels and various categories of personnel, enhanced assessment and management of safety production, taken clearance and handling operation of hidden danger as a system implementing at each department and each position, constantly strengthened force of safety management team and improved quality of safety management personnel, continuously enriched safety production supervision and management means, spared no effort to realize "horizontal to the margins, vertical to the end, and higher standard" of safety production management network. Furthermore, according to Emergency Coping Methods, XD Group has formulated Four Principles of emergency management to constantly improve emergency management system, pay attention to modification of emergency pre-arranged planning and emergency drilling, focus on key monitoring parts to regularly develop emergency drilling, enhance emergency materials reservation, fully exert internal resource advantages each year, properly make preparation for various emergencies and completely fulfill social responsibilities of a central enterprise. In the first half of 2010, China XD Group Company followed the overall scheme concerning continuous development of Safety Production Year promulgated by  the State Administration of Work Safety and combined enterprise''s own characteristics to practically develop "Three Actions" and "Three Construction Activities", develop safety quality standardization establishment and standard reaching work through promoting work in all areas by drawing upon the experience gained on key points, solidly set up "People-oriented" safety principle, and constantly pursue "intrinsic safety" on the good and fast development basis. Until July, China XD Group Company has realized zero-accident safety production and created the best record over the same periods in the past.

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