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Vision of XD

  Own proprietary intellectual property rights and well-known brand, keep development vigor forever, and become an innovative multinational company with international competitiveness.


  Own proprietary intellectual property rights and well-known brand

It reflects the national belief and high sense of responsibility of loving and strengthening country and dedication to undertaking and country of XD as a super-huge state-owned enterprise directly under central management. Owning proprietary intellectual property rights and world-wide well-known brand is an important standard for measuring the strength of a country. It is these objectives based on national relief and sense of responsibility to encourage us to make unremitting endeavor and persist in progressing.

   Keep development vigor forever

It reflects our ambitious aspiration for scientific development and constant operation. Development is our vocation, we will have ability and qualification to fulfill more broad responsibilities only after we become a healthy and successful enterprise with sustainable development. The quality and speed of development, however, depend on our abundant enterprise vitality. In present environment with conditions change quickly, we must give full play to enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, ceaselessly improve our development vitality from five aspects including profitability, competitiveness, growing ability, adaptability and ability on unity to realize our permanent success.

  Become an innovative multinational company with international competitiveness

It reflects our persistence for constant innovation and standing among world strong enterprises. Result of economic globalization is no national boundaries. As the formation of new pattern of "domestic marketization, international competition becomes national", all enterprise will directly or indirectly participate in global competition. Multinational companies are the giants in world economy, their international competitiveness is very strong. As the only enterprise can contend against multinational companies in high voltage and ultrahigh voltage power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing industry, we must constantly innovate, depend on proprietary intellectual property rights and well-known brand to raise our international competitiveness and become a multinational company, thus realizing sustainable development.




Mission of XD

Manufacture quality products, reliable power and serve for society.


  Manufacture quality products

It indicates the solemn promise to customers. Power transmission and distribution industry is in relation to the national economy and the people's livelihood, which has extremely high requirements for the reliability and stability of products and equipment. Any single defect is possible to cause material disaster and influence the safety of country and stability of society. In addition, as generation changing and upgrading of the industry, higher standards have been required for equipment's characteristics of environmental protection and energy conservation, economy of operation, manageability, maintenance free as well total solution. Therefore, manufacturing quality products has been endowed with deeper connotations: strictly guarantee quality, emphasize environmental protection and energy conservation design; provide outstanding power transmission and distribution products, technology and professional service; create more competitive advantages and final value for customers.

  Reliable power

  It reflects concentration on main fields and ambitious promise of considering improvement of the integrated industrial value as own responsibility. By observing global economy, it shows that one concentrated enterprise often possess stronger market position and competitive force than an extensive but not intensive enterprise. So only concentrating on main business, sticking to adept fields, HV and UHV power transmission and distribution industry, utilizing professional advantages and forming unapproachable competitive capacity, can we make our business intensive, powerful, large and permanent. Meanwhile, we regard improvement of integrated industrial value and sustainable development as our own responsibility, place importance on the harmonious relationship with the same industry, advocate benign competition and cooperation in same industry, optimize resource allocation by integrating joint force to create new industrial opportunities, new market and new advantages.

Serve for society

  It reflects our mind of benefiting mankind and lofty pursuit of "Everyone is responsible for his country." Enterprises can not develop without support of society. Getting from society must returning back. As excellent enterprise citizens, while considering sustainable development of the enterprise, we should completely fulfill the enterprise's social responsibility. We should adhere to commercial morality, operate honestly in accordance with law, take initiative to pay taxes; we should provide job opportunities, promote regional economic development; we should cultivate talents, develop technological innovation; we should participate in community affairs and cultural construction; we should be enthusiastic with environmental protection, tuition assistance, culture, medical treatment, poverty alleviation and other programs for public good, aid weak and vulnerable groups; we should act as a leading pioneer of social culture, actively advocate and build whole society's "harmonious and mutual growth" awareness and behavior.

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